RECIPE: Turkey Steak Dish

This is how the Turkey Steak Dish was born. To be had with either rice or vegetables both can be cooked into the microwave in less than 5 mins (no excuse!)

We have said once and we will say again. These recipes are all about nutritional ease. 

This dish is quick……20 mins max! Serves 2

RECIPE: Blueberry Pancakes

These quantities serve 2 and takes 15 mins to make and cook.

RECIPE: Over-night Oats – Combinations are endless

Turns out Overnight Oats are a pretty good idea! There are so many options and by making it the night before……it means you basically jump out of bed and it’s already prepared!

We’re sold!

So here’s a little recipe to get you started:

RECIPE: Chia Banana Bread

Here’s a quick to make recipe for Banana Bread that tends to go down well every time! Usually made on a Sunday means we can tuck into it for the rest of the week as a slightly better snack than the usual go-to vending machine.

RECIPE: Breakfast Bowl

A fabulous way to wake up is with a protein heavy, delicious breakfast.

Before you go to the staple fry up or the usual avo-toast why not give this recipe a try?!

MEAL PLAN – February meal plan

When life is as hectic as it is for us we need to have some kind of control. We need to know that what we are eating is slow release energy and will stop us from reaching a biscuit or cake when our energy levels start to droop. So we have come up with this daily meal plan.

Recently featured in Womens Health and Fitness Australia!

We are thrilled to announce we have recently been featured in Women’s Health and Fitness magazine discussing Gratitude Cafe.Life and how Gratitude can help you body both mentally and physically. Have a read and if you live in Australia – go out and buy a copy!